Unknown Cycling Hazards

Nice blog about the hazards of cycling

tree huggin' biker

We all know when we swing our leg over that top tube and head down the road that there is a certain risk we are taking.

We wear a brain bucket to protect our head.
We wear a Road ID, just in case something bad does happen.
We have reflectors on our bike so we can be seen.
We even wear glasses to protect our eyes from debris.

We take precautions to make sure we are safe, but there will always remain a certain amount of risk when road riding.

While all of this is true, this is not what I’m talking about. What I’m talking about is the more obscure. For example, earlier this week I did a quick 18 miles after work and while cooling down, just hitting the top of me street, this GIANT bug, comes out of nowhere and flies right into the side of my…

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