When out on a two or three hour ride it can get boring on your own. I have just started making stupid rude vids using silly voices etc to pass the time. (some are on here).

  Now I know others must do stuff to pass the time, sing, shout, etc.

What do you do?

I found this list on the net. I think singing to yourself is more responsible than these


  1. Cycling in the middle of the road so they can’t get passed us
  2. Leaning on their car while they are waiting at a traffic light
  3. Cycling two abreast
  4. Skipping a red light – while the poor motorist is sat there waiting for the light just bomb it straight past them. Even better than this is where you stop at the light, get off your bike, walk across the light and then climb back on the bike and cycle off.
  5. Whizzing past cars stuck in traffic
  6. Cycling slowly when there is no room for them to overtake – they must love it!

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